Natural Healing

Rock Balancing

Healing is a natural energy therapy which has been practised since ancient times. The skill accesses universal energy around him or her and channels this through their hands to their client. Trained Healers adapt the healing energy to the individual client, so each consultation is unique. Many healers work alongside medical practitioners with the aim of complementing orthodox medical treatment.

Healing takes place with the client fully clothed either seated in a chair or lying down. The practitioner works either ‘on the body’, using gentle touch, or ‘off the body’, in the aura of the client. The environment is one of confidentiality, respect and compassion. 

During the session they may experience different sensations such as warmth, tingling or nothing in particular, but notice later that they feel better in some way. Most commonly they report feeling calmer and more energized afterwards.

Healing treats the whole person. Energizing body, mind and spirit can successfully address problems such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and also help a variety of physical symptoms. Its positive effects can be far-reaching for a person, in their general wellbeing, work and relationships. 

Practitioner: Rebecca Brewster MNFSH