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Counselling provides a safe, non-judgemental environment where you can explore issues or feelings which are causing problems in your life, safe in the knowledge that anything you say will be in strict confidence.
The aim is to build a therapeutic relationship based on respect and impartiality where you will be able to discuss your situation and find solutions through a clearer understanding of their causes.

Many problems arise through a perception of oneself as a result of experience and relationships in the past, sometimes as far back as childhood. For example, low self-worth and a lack of confidence often cause difficulties later on.
How we value ourselves at a deeper level is not something we are necessarily aware of; however it can have a major influence on how we experience life at the present time.

Counselling plays a fundamental role in helping to build confidence through having more awareness and consequently a better understanding of oneself. This brings the possibility of change to patterns of behaviour and consequently to move forward toward a better quality of life.

Practitioners: Karen Lloyd