Anna Hazlehurst

Lic.Ac MBAcC


I initially studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus towards the Five Element approach, however I have since added Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture,Auricular Acupuncture and Toyohari, a Japanese style, to my repertoire.


I am committed to helping people feel their best. I strongly support the integration of Eastern and Western medicine in treating illness and maintaining good health. By integrating wellness, patients get the most comprehensive care and best outcomes possible.

Many people are put off trying acupuncture because of the thought of needles; Toyohari may be the answer, as the entire treatment can be done without inserting a needle!

I aim for all my treatments to be as relaxing as possible. I enjoy my work immensely; meeting new people and using ancient East Asian medicine to help them return to a balanced state of health.