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Zen Shiatsu, Coloured light therapy, Reflexology


My journey with holistic medicine began in my early twenties when I was seeking relief for stress-related migraines. After trying various treatments I experienced Shiatsu at a day spa in Stockholm and was hooked! For me, this was the only treatment I’d tried that had lasting effects and over time completely eliminated my headaches. Inspired by the results, I trained to become a therapist and qualified as a Zen Shiatsu practitioner at the Axelsons Institute in 2008.
After practising shiatsu for some years, I began collaborating with light specialist and inventor Karl Ryberg in Stockholm and advanced my practice to include treatments with the Monocrom colour projector – essentially, a rainbow in a box!  Clients are amazed at how uplifting and emotionally balancing a simple ten-minute session can be. They find regular 'colour fixes' particularly helpful during the darker winter months to help lighten their mood and boost energy levels.
Once back in the UK, I added Reflexology to my treatment repertoire. I feel this well-known and much loved treatment adds another dimension to my holistic practice and I can now offer clients a truly multi-disciplinary experience.