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We are pleased to welcome Alexander Technique Teacher Ellie Rouse who joins us at Shipston Therapy Centre.Alexander 1This unique approach to improving posture is well know for its potential to address not only physical problems but also our mental/emotional state. A hunched, collapsed posture can make us feel low in mood & energy.

An upright, moving with ease posture brightens our day & makes us feel more alive.

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Discover how Constructive Rest is essential for an active life

Poor seating position & incorrect movement compromise alignment & posture which leads to a variety of symptoms including back pain, poor digestion & migraines. The increased use of mobile phones with prolonged head down position has lead to ‘Text Neck’ & consequently problems such as pain, headache, deteriorating eyesight.

Posture related issues can be helped with Alexander Technique sessions.

For more information call Ellie 07968 964523

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