Do No Harm

Dr Who Gave Up Drugs

BBC 1, The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is a must-see program if you are interested in pharmaceuticals & real healing.
Part One was last week, Part Two tonight at 9pm.

Presenter Dr Chris van Tulleken explores the prescribing of medication within a GP practice. Pain killers, anti-depressants & anti-biotics were his main focus.

No-one is saying that all drugs are necessarily bad & without doubt some are of course life saving. Dr van Tulleken’s concern is that a large majority of people have become reliant on a prescription for their problem & not always with the effect intended. He says ‘half the drugs don’t work’ & also cites that some can in fact be harmful.

The program identified that in some cases there can be other ways to address issues. At Shipston Therapy Centre many clients, over 2900 since 2005, visit us to discover a different approach which may help them address their health problems.

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